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A Voice for Resilience and Opportunity in Our Community


As we move forward in this post-pandemic era, we need leadership focused on resilience, opportunity, and a commitment to strengthening the safety net for all Vermonters. Karen is committed to this vision and this is seen clearly through her voting record and the bills she has sponsored.


Karen is a dedicated community member of Essex Junction with a long-standing record of re-developing public service systems to work for a wide range of people. Karen’s twenty-year career in Vermont’s non-profit sector, provides a broad understanding of services from food security expansion and work readiness programming to criminal justice reform and restorative conflict resolution. Karen understands the challenge of juggling multiple priorities as well as the importance of building relationships and practicing collaborative decision-making to create positive and long-lasting outcomes. 


Highlights from Legislative Session:

  • Passed a balanced state budget making historic investments for Vermont

  • Expanded housing initiatives

  • Advanced Vemont’s Climate Action Plan

  • Expanded workforce and economic development opportunities

  • Passed a state pension stabilization plan

  • Supported affordable childcare initiatives

  • Implemented universal broadband

  • Continued criminal justice reform and justice reinvestment initiatives

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