A Voice for Resilience and Opportunity in Our Community

Vermont has entered a new era. COVID-19 is creating unprecedented situations resulting in tremendous grief and uncertainty. During this same time, powerful acts of compassion and support bring strength and healing to our communities. As we move forward, and COVID-19 continues to magnify the cracks in our systems, we need leadership focused on resilience, opportunity, and a commitment to strengthening the safety net for all Vermonters. Karen is committed to this vision.

Karen is a dedicated community member of Essex Junction with a long-standing record of re-developing public service systems to work for a wide range of people. Karen’s twenty-year career in Vermont’s non-profit sector, provides a broad understanding of services from food security expansion and work readiness programming to criminal justice reform and restorative conflict resolution. Karen understands the challenge of juggling multiple priorities as well as the importance of building relationships and practicing collaborative decision-making to create positive and long-lasting outcomes. 

Karen’s Priorities for the State House focus on stability now and a vision for the future:
  • COVID-19 recovery and relief plans prioritized on public safety
    The health and wellness of Vermonters is the highest priority. As decisions are made, public safety must be considered at each step. Collaboration is necessary to ensure that guidance successfully informs practice.

  • Ensuring Safe, Quality, Affordable Childcare for All
    Childcare is an essential part of Vermont’s safety net. When families have access to quality and affordable childcare, our communities thrive: more folks can maintain employment; the workforce grows for employers; and children benefit from the dedicated space to learn and grow. Supporting a system that works for all parties is critical to our recovery efforts.

  • Creating Vibrant Economic Opportunities for Our Communities
    A strong infrastructure ensures our local economies have a solid foundation to weather the road ahead. Developments in technology, creative relief systems, and a supported workforce will ensure Vermont’s economy holds.

  • Equitable Access to Community Resources
    COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the fragility of our basic need systems such as health care, education, and housing. Vulnerable populations, who were already falling through the cracks, are experiencing greater challenges. Moving forward, particular focus must be made to sufficiently support community members with the greatest impact. Diverse voices, including those with lived experience, are needed at every decision table.

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