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Here are some excerpts from recent Letters to the Editor:


Annie Cooper

"Karen listens, works and takes action. Courageously so... I stand in solid trust of Karen Dolan's ability to serve us and serve us wisely."


Jud Lawrie

"...even more important for me is her character. Over the many years I have been on this planet, IMO I have become a fairly good judge of character. Here I think she excels: she’s honest, caring, decent, civic-minded, and hard-working. I believe she will make a terrific State Representative that we will all be proud of. I therefore urge your support."

Susan McCormack

"Karen is a calm, thoughtful person. She is an excellent listener and is skilled at bringing people together....  I hope you will join me in supporting Karen Dolan for State Representative."


Richard Smiles

"I have had the pleasure of working with Karen in my role as a board member at the Community Justice Center and on other Essex Junction initiatives. I have found Karen to be thoughtful, calm, inquisitive, and diligent. She is a learner and a listener. I believe she will represent her constituents well."

Jennifer Paradee

"To say Karen is hardworking is an understatement. Karen has selflessly dedicated herself to her community over the last 20 years, ...  I’m proud to call her a friend and mentor and hope you will join me in supporting Karen Dolan for State Representative."

Peter Schmalz

" I know Karen from her work at the Essex Community Justice Center, and can say without reservation that she is exactly the kind of person that we need in the legislature. I’ve been impressed with her thoughtfulness, diligence, and compassion for people. She has the intelligence, creativity and experience to represent us well."

Abby Rice

"I value Karen’s priorities around equity, safety and opportunity for all. I admire her dedication to our community and her ability to build relationships that create positive and lasting outcomes. I hope you join me in voting for Karen Dolan in the Democratic Primary on August 11. "

Iris Hsiang

"...we need leaders who are focused on rebuilding Vermont life better and for that Karen Dolan is the right woman for the job. I believe that one way we can begin to make our community better is by electing Karen Dolan to the Vermont house."

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